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Summer 2023

Drycri introduces design, attention to detail and rigorous research of materials into the universe of beachwear, adding an unmistakable signature to an increasingly crowded sector.
Thanks to the "shining line", the exclusive profile created by a team of expert Italian craftsmen, the Drycri collections have an extraordinary sheen that makes them immediately recognizable.

IBikini, swimsuits and cover-ups, out of water and accessories, Drycri brings summer into every garment, so that every garment brings summer into the wearer.
Lots of colour, iridescent nuances, captivating patterns and top quality products make Drycri the real must for anyone who wants to stand out with elegance by the sea, on the beach and wherever there is a desire to savor all the spirit of the summer.
Drycri is a wave of contemporary style destined to touch ever wider borders, an unstoppable tide that spreads Italian class and good taste in shop windows all over the world.
Drycri… fashion on the waves

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